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xfattyxl [userpic]
by xfattyxl (xfattyxl)
at July 7th, 2011 (02:41 pm)

quick positive post...

even though i do moan about recovery a lot, especially about the gaining..it does have a few pro's =P:
- iv noticed how isolated i was having an eating disorder and being confusmed by it 24/7. now im starting to recover im getting closer to people at college and getting close to my family again. especially my mom, who i fell out with over the ED. im also more confident at college and talking to people more, making new friends.
-i have better concentration than before, as my mind isnt constantly on if im losing or gaining and the fat and sugar in foods ect. this means i can have better conversations with people, but can also get my college work done easier and faster. this means im ahead with my work =] also, eating more also helps with the concentration.
-it isnt tiring to walk now, and i can actually keep up with the pace that my friends walk at, instead of being left behind.
- im strong enough to open a food can with the can opener =]!
-my hair is thick and in better condition and i can now think of dyeing it.
- iv gone back to college now after having to drop out for a few months while very weak and at the beginning of my recover. i also enjoy it more now , as i dont feel so tired.
- my nan and grandads minds are at ease now im getting better and they are very proud of me.
-im able to smoke without being worried il faint.
-im starting a saturday job soon and volenteering down the farm. i hope il be strong enough now, but i certainly wasnt beforehand.
- i have energy to do simple things, such as go in the shower.
- i take better pride in my appearance.
- even though il only eat certain things , i enjoy food now!
-finally, i can control my bladder better now. i was suffering incontinence at my worst stage of anorexia, gross and tmi i know.

thanks for reading. if your recovering can you think of any for yourself?