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xfattyxl [userpic]
by xfattyxl (xfattyxl)
at May 5th, 2011 (02:46 pm)

so just a quick update, as im in college at the minute. does anyone else find they think about what they are going to eat next constantly? like since i started recovery i find myself thinking about eating my dinner as soon as i finish my breakfast. i mean i actually look forward to it, which i suppose is a good thing recovery wise. the only downside of it is that i hate getting up early to go to college, as theres a long gap between eating my breakfast and lunch and the days can be quite boring at times.

anyway...iv had a big mental push through in my recovery i feel. i now realise i dont want to be like this forever, as i dont want to be weak all the time or cold. i also want more of a life and because of that the thought of gaining isnt such a bad thing now. im just sort of going with the flow if you know what i mean.

in other news, my aunt is going to try to find me a saturday job in a chemist, so i need some strengh. as well as that , i need to find a college placement at a pet shop or farm or somthing, but so far no luck. thats kind of stressing me out a little but nevermind.

next week im going to drayton manor theme park with my mom, which should be fun and tomorow im going to see my nan and grandad before they go away on holiday for two weeks to greece.

finally if you even want to chat, about recovery , ed's or just in general im online a lot of the time.
my msn is : xbertyx_2008@hotmail.co.uk
and my aim is: elliesheppardx

PS: il be posting up a few pics of me and my family soon, if anyones interested =].