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xfattyxl [userpic]
by xfattyxl (xfattyxl)
at June 24th, 2011 (10:44 pm)

dont really have much to report...finished my college week today. its gone suprisingly quick...only three more weeks and thats my first year done. to be fair its going good , as im gaining friends and confidence and am also doing well on work. i find it so much easier to engage in conversations with people now im in a better frame of mind and i feel people actually want me around. i only have one assigment left to do and i have three weeks, so im helping my friends with theres, sending them work and advising them ;]! im actually surprised i survived the first year..i think il buy a pack of expensive cigarettes to celebrate. i start my work placement down the farm then, once i tell the supervisor when im finished college so he can tell me what days im doing and my saturday job with my mom and aunt soon after. farm will be strange though lol, as il be milking cows some days xD.

weight wise....im deciding to weigh in saturday instead of sunday for just this week, as my aunt wants to go to an air meuseum early. that means not drinking so much squash friday night as im very consciess of water weight gain. i dont want to get upset like last week and end up not going. im not looking farward to the weigh in though... as i think iv gained and if i gain one more pound its the dreaded stone more than my low weight. il also probably have to increase my cals again next week thanks to my aunt...sigh.

anyway...tomorow im going for my hair cut at 2pm and am going to ask about having my hair coloured next time. i want it either purple or red at the bottom of my hair or in streak form. bet it'll cost a bomb to colour =/ after that im going shopping with my uncle down asda to get some soup, meals, squash and crackers, then down my nan and grandads to do some drawing and a jigsaw puzzle. saturday im voleenteering down my moms work again at the pharmacy to gain somemore experience for when i do start and sunday im at cosfords air museum.

how are you all? xox